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Meets recommended World Health Organization, Health Canada, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards

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COVID-19 has changed workplace safety requirements and many organizations struggle to get quality non-medical masks.

Provide your teams with 3-layer masks specially designed for breathability. Our masks are designed in Canada and made in an award-winning facility.

We use high-performance materials that are long-lasting and the outer layer of our masks are made 100% with Recycleve™, certified recyled polyester.

We supply hundreds or thousands of masks!

Very Breathable Face Masks

Our Canadian design team uses innovative high-tech materials and specially designed the masks for breathability. We implement quality assurance procedures and material testing throughout the entire process.

Save money
Secure a steady supply of quality reusable face masks rather than costly disposable masks.
Protection indoors and outdoors
Our masks are made of high-tech material and are water-resistant to provide proper protection for indoors and outdoors.
Our masks are made with certified recycled material called RecycleveTM and can be washed by hand or machine.
Pocket to add filters
Our mask has a pocket to add a filter. Filters provide more protection against airborne contaminants.
Easy to breathe
Staff and students will feel more comfortable wearing our protective face masks for a full day because it is more breathable.
Antibacterial material
The inside layer of the mask is made with antibacterial material that has been tested to give workers more protection.

Custom Logo Face Masks

Can you imagine a workplace where people wear different face masks with flashy colours or animal pictures? Avoid this problem by creating a consistent appearance among your staff with custom face masks.

Branded face masks for work can keep people safe in a variety of environments including offices, restaurants, and warehouses. Remote workers can sport your organization's logo when they go around in public!

Our Masks Design vs. Other Mask Designs

Many people have been encouraged to make or buy cloth masks. There are some limitations if the masks aren't well-designed.

Our masks

  • All of our materials are tested and we control the quality throughout the entire production process.

  • Our face mask’s nose bridge, adjustable ear loop, and design close all gaps around the nose and mouth.

  • Our masks are made of high-tech material that provides enough layers to be protective but also more breathable.

  • The inside layer of our reusable face masks is made of antibacterial material to reduce the risk of contamination.

  • Our mask is water-resistant so it can maintain its effectiveness if it gets wet and can’t be washed right away.

  • High tech materials allow us to provide proper protection with thinner layers on the mask.

Other masks

  • You can’t always tell if materials have been tested to recognized standards.

  • The edges of some masks may not properly seal around the nose and mouth.

  • Added layers of fabric provide more filtering but can make it more difficult to breathe.

  • Some materials can increase the risk of self-contamination if they are not cleaned properly.

  • Masks that aren't water-resistant must be changed as soon as possible if it gets damp.

  • Need more layers to provide adequate protection.

Face Mask Safety Requirements

The World Health Organization, Public Heath Agency of Canada, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that people wear non-medical face masks where physical distancing isn’t possible to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Our reusable face masks are designed with proper sizing and materials that comply with recommended safety requirements.

How to put on your custom face mask properly

These are the safest practices when using a face mask:

  • Clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap for at least 20 seconds before putting on a mask.
  • Do not touch the face mask at all while using it. If you need to take it off or adjust it, clean your hands with alcohol-based rub or soap and water.
  • Remove the mask from the back and do not touch the front of it.
  • Wash your mask after every use with soap or detergent and water in the machine or by hand washing.

Order your reusable face masks for work

Get peace of mind knowing you have all of the equipment you need to keep your staff and customers safe.

We ship products anywhere in Canada (excluding the territories) and the US. Contact us at sales@maskedforwork.com