Celebrating Fathers Day and family with Mike and Caleb Pattenaude

Rachel Lee

Fathers Day is usually overshadowed by the notorious Mothers Day, but not this year. We wanted to make sure that all those hard working dads are represented. Whether you are a stay at home dad, a father who works 12 hr days, a military dad, soccer dad or even a caregiver dad, here at Masked For Work we acknowledge all of you and the efforts you put in to love and support your kids. 

We wanted to share with you an inspiring North Shore family. Meet Mike Pattenaude and his son Caleb. Caleb was born with Cerebral Palsy which led Mike and his wife Jen down a new path, full of trials and tribulations but ultimately a life of patience, understanding, gratitude and unconditional love. 

When we were chatting, we asked Caleb what color of mask he wanted. He said with a huge smile “I want to match with my dad”. I think most of us can agree our kids wouldn’t want to match with us, Caleb however; you can see he idolizes his father.

Mike and Caleb Pattenaude story with Masked For Work

These two have a very special relationship. Mike and Caleb are very active together, and you can tell Caleb’s favorite stories ALWAYS include his dad. One of their favorite pastimes is that Mike hops on his electric scooter, Caleb in his power chair and they go for a cruise. They may go over the Lions Gate Bridge to Stanley Park, may stop at the beach to get fish and chips or take their two dogs out for a walk. The one thing we love about Caleb, is his dad has set him up for success. Despite Caleb’s disability, Mike has reinforced positivity and tools in life, like providing Caleb with a mentor who also has CP. All of the things Mike and his family have done, allow Caleb to have independence and just act like a regular teenager.

It is no easy feat being a father of a son with a disability. Mike however, makes it look easy. Always tinkering and finding new ways for Caleb to excel. Whether it’s a Halloween costume or a door that opens with a touch of a button, Mike and his family celebrate life with an exuberance that most of us take for granted.

Mike and Caleb Pattenaude story with Masked For Work

We wanted to support such an amazing family so we asked what charity they would like us to donate to. 

Mike gave the reins to Caleb, who had a tough choice to make. Torn between his love for the community they found in the CP Foundation and his love for animals at the SPCA, they decided on the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. 15% of our mask sales all summer long will be donated to this foundation that has given so much back to Mike and his family. You can find all of our masks here: 
Masked For Work 
Masked For School

Masked For Work and Masked For School breathable reusable face masks

For more information on CP check out https://www.yourcpf.org/ and if you feel like doing something extra special on behalf of Caleb’s love of animals, we suggest making a personal donation to the SPCA at https://spca.bc.ca/donate/.