Company-branded Face Masks for Canada and USA

Rachel Lee

The steady development of public health measures throughout 2020 to control the Coronavirus pandemic has allowed many businesses in Canada and the USA to reopen under new safety protocols. 

One of the most prominent measures implemented by public health authorities is the requirement of masks indoors. In many Canadian provinces and US states, customers and workers are expected to wear a face covering when entering buildings or businesses.

As a result, many organizations have bought company-branded face masks for their employees as it promotes their brand and creates a consistent, uniform look among colleagues. High quality masks help keep staff healthy and working efficiently, while customers will feel confident in supporting your business knowing that you are prioritizing their health and safety.

Will I have to wear a mask after getting the COVID vaccine?

Although the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines may signal “a return to normal” soon, health authorities state that we will still be needing masks in 2022 as worldwide efforts continue to curb the spread of the virus.

One of our earlier blog posts addresses the details of why we still need to wear a mask after receiving a Coronavirus vaccine. A few reasons can be summarized as follows:

  • Close to 90% of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to stop the virus from spreading. With the time that it takes to manufacture and administer vaccines to everyone, masks will still be needed as an effective way to control the spread of COVID-19.
  • Not a lot of research has been done about if the body can still carry COVID-19 after vaccination. Even though the vaccine prevents the body from experiencing the symptoms related to COVID-19, it is still possible to catch and spread the virus unknowingly.

In addition, you might not know who at your business has received the vaccine and who hasn’t. It’s best to keep your fellow employees safe by continuing to wear masks at work until government restrictions are lifted.

Company branded masks as client gifts

Groundswell Cloud Solutions custom logo reusable face mask Canada and USA

We made custom branded masks for a venture capital firm in Canada that told us "We don't want to send our clients a cheap-looking $2.00 mask. We want to give them something presentable." Protecting your clients with properly-made masks that work is a purchase choice that won’t reflect poorly on your company’s reputation during the pandemic.

Our masks come in a variety of colours to match your company’s branding colours, along with many safety and comfort features that your customers will appreciate. Clients who like your mask will wear it a lot, which in turn promotes your brand. Make sure your company is being represented well with high-quality masks that your customers will want to use often.

Masks branded with your company logo make a great gift for your clients. They are especially good for high-end brands that are mindful of their company image and want to represent quality and customer satisfaction. 

Promotional masks for employees working from home

GGFL Chartered Professional Accountants custom branded reusable face mask Canada and USA

Company-branded face masks are a great gift for your colleagues working remotely. Although businesses with their employees working from home are keeping relatively safe from COVID-19, it’s important to keep your coworkers safe when they need to leave the house.

GGFL Chartered Professional Accountants, one of our custom logo mask clients, stated that the essential accessories are a great way to promote their brand while protecting their employees. Having masks on hand helps to keep their staff safe if they decide to work in the office instead of at home.

Investing in quality reusable masks is a better financial and environmental choice than purchasing disposable masks. Not only do you save your company and your employees money with fewer purchases, but you will also cut down on the amount of waste generated by the frequent use of disposable masks. 

Promotional masks with logo for new employee welcome kit

Groundswell Cloud Solutions promotional branded reusable face mask in their company onboarding kit

Some companies provide newly-hired employees with a welcome kit packed with convenient, fun items that they can use in the office or at home. Along with other branded merchandise, a custom logo mask is a great way to make new employees feel part of the company. Groundswell Cloud Solutions has included a promotional logo mask in each of their onboarding packs as a helpful gift for their new team members.

The Answer Company custom logo reusable face mask in their company gift pack

Companies are also sending care packages and holiday gift packs to staff working from home, sometimes in support of festive parties held through online video calls. The Answer Company included custom branded reusable masks with their company logo in a surprise gift pack to show their appreciation for their team’s efforts during a pandemic, as well as to create a sense of community amongst staff despite being away from the office.

Promotional masks with logo: Canada and USA

Masked For Work provides organizations with breathable reusable masks that meet the mask standards of the World Health Organization, Health Canada and Centers for Disease Control. Our durable 3-layer masks combine breathability with protection and are adjustable for fit and comfort.

We have helped numerous organizations to create their own company-branded face masks. The logos are applied with heat transfer and don’t fade or wash off easily. Many are impressed with the quality, stating that the masks are very well-made and dependable. 

Here are some of the custom logo masks we’ve helped to make!


Kids Physio Group

Daily Hive


With mandatory indoor masking policies in place until vaccine rollout is complete, businesses will still need masks to help protect their employees and customers from spreading COVID-19. Company-branded face masks are useful accessories that promote your brand and are great as gifts to show appreciation for your staff and clients. Whether your employees work from home or outside the house, quality branded masks help keep your business running through the pandemic and beyond.