Groundswell Cloud Solutions' Custom Logo Masks

Stephanie Sang

Thank you, Groundswell Cloud Solutions, for masking up for work! This Vancouver-based tech company is growing, and they wanted to provide custom logo masks for their current and future staff. 

Kathryn Hall, a Marketing Assistant at Groundswell, said, "We want to provide our people with the tools to help them be the best at their job, and we care about our team members personally. We are a unique cloud computing firm because of our people and have always maintained that we can only be our best if we work together."

Custom company logo masks for staff working at home

Custom logo masks for Groundswell

Even though many of their staff work at home, the company wanted to provide them with breathable, comfortable, and high-quality masks.

"You still need to know your company supports your health outside of the office. We also wanted to give people who miss in-person collaboration a safe way to enter and be in the office among colleagues," Hall said.

Groundswell works closely with their office building manager to ensure a safe return to the office; the company also actively follows the news from provincial health officials to  adapt their safety policies as needed.

Reusable face mask up to recommended standards

Masked For Work values sustainability and integrates Recycleve™, certified recycled polyester in the design of our masks. Our masks were specifically designed to meet the World Health Organization's mask standards.

      1. 3-layer masksOurs are 3 layers and the middle layer is 100% cotton
      2. Absorbent inner layer: Ours has an absorbent antibacterial layer
      3. Non-absorbent outer layer: We have a water-resistant outer layer that is made with 100% certified recycled polyester to reduce environmental impact
      4. Be breathable: We use high-tech material that we develop ourselves

    Staff's reaction to their eco-friendly, reusable masks

     Groundswell Cloud Solutions' company branded face masks

    Groundswell's team was impressed that the masks were eco-friendly and followed World Health Organization's recommendations for non-medical masks. Because no one knows how long COVID-19 will be around for, it was important for the company to equip staff with a long-lasting mask.

    The adjustable ear loops were convenient to ensure everyone has a comfortable fit and that there are no gaps around the face for proper protection. "We needed a unique mask for all the extraordinary individuals here at Groundswell as we know one size does not fit all."

    Get sustainable custom logo masks for your company

    If you want masks that reduce environmental impact and are ethically made, order here or contact if you have any questions.