Is a PM 2.5 Filter Good For COVID?

Rachel Lee

You may have heard discussions in the news or on social media about modifying your mask to better protect yourself against COVID-19. Some may have discussed getting masks that include more layers or double-masking. One popular method of adding more layers is using a PM 2.5 filter, a thin insert placed inside a reusable mask that filters the air you breathe in while helping to keep out airborne contaminants.

As stress continues to be placed on our hospitals, essential workers and communities, we must continue to do our part to wear masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to ensure that your reusable mask fulfills the safety standards of the World Health Organization, consisting of 3 layers of breathable material with a water-resistant outer layer and an absorbent inner layer. 

Wearing a properly protective mask is especially important now due to the spread of variants, which have been infecting a wider range of people of different ages and states of health than before. Continue wearing your mask even after receiving one or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine as it takes up to 14 days for your body to build immunity to the virus.

Best PM 2.5 filters for reusable mask

PM 2.5 filter for reusable face mask in Canada and USA

On top of wearing a properly protective mask, adding a PM 2.5 filter is a great way to make a reusable fabric mask more effective. PM 2.5 filters are lightweight filters that can be placed inside a regular reusable mask to add more layers of breathable protection. PM stands for particulate matter, meaning they can filter out fine particles at 2.5 microns in diameter.

PM 2.5 filters are made with meltblown fiber, the same material that is used to make surgical masks. This helps to prevent small particles from travelling through the filter. There is a layer of activated carbon fiber inside, which eliminates bacteria that may travel through the fabric layers as well as helps prevent bacteria from developing inside the mask.

Best fit face mask with PM 2.5 filter pocket

PM 2.5 filter for reusable branded 3-layer face mask in Canada and USA

Even with additional layers, doctors say that an important aspect of protection is ensuring that your masks fit properly. This means that your mask fits securely but comfortably on your face to cover your nose and mouth. The mask should create a seal against your face so it does not leave any gaps or openings on the top, bottom or sides for droplets to enter through or exit from. Masked For Work is available in various sizes and comes with a bendable nose wire and adjustable elastic ear loops for proper fit, ensuring that the layers can do their work in helping prevent the spread of airborne disease. 

Where to buy face mask with PM 2.5 filter pocket

Masked For Work comes with a handy pocket to accommodate a PM 2.5 filter. The side openings make it easy to insert and remove the filter, and hold the filter securely in place. Our reusable 3-layer mask is additionally very breathable and fulfils the World Health Organization’s safety requirements to ensure proper protection. We offer custom branding to feature your logo on the mask. Take a look at our masks here!

Masked For Work also offers PM 2.5 filters in bulk packs so that you can be sure to always have a filter on hand for extra protection. We hope that you stay safe.