What is the Best Reusable Face Mask to Buy for COVID-19?

Rachel Lee

More than one year after the beginning of the pandemic, Coronavirus cases are still rising around the world and variants of the virus are spreading throughout communities. Many are likely still shopping for face coverings and wondering which reusable masks are the most effective in preventing the spread of virus particles and providing personal protection. This article will review important features that properly-made cloth masks should have, as well as compare between Masked For Work and leading online mask brands.

The best face mask fulfills standards from the World Health Organization

Custom logo mask fulfills World Health Organization requirements for Canada and USA

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that an effective reusable mask is made using 3 layers of breathable material, with a non-absorbent outside layer and an absorbent inside layer. Following these guidelines creates a level of protection similar to disposable surgical masks.

Effective masks are breathable

One of the most important aspects to look for when buying a reusable mask is ensuring that its design and materials allow you to breathe normally. Some mask products may be made with fabrics or plastics that do not allow air to easily pass through, while others tend to collapse inward on the nostrils when breathing in and cause discomfort. Masked For Work’s design does not cover the nostrils and our breathable choice of materials allow you to focus on getting things done.

Breathable mask with three layers of fabric

Although cheaper masks made with just one or two layers may sound more breathable, three layers is the minimum amount recommended by the WHO to effectively prevent viral particles from travelling in or out of the mask. We offer a slim mask made with 3 layers of lightweight material that is comfortable enough to wear for hours for work, school or recreational activities.

Effective masks have a water-resistant outer layer

Many masks available online do not have a non-absorbent outer layer, which helps to prevent droplets from sticking to the outside of the mask. This additionally helps to keep the outer layer dry in wet weather conditions, reducing the need to change the mask when travelling in rain or snow.

Comfortable masks have an absorbent inner layer

An absorbent inner layer helps prevent the spread airborne disease by containing virus particles within the mask. This additionally helps to keep the inside of the mask dry when sweating in the summer or exhaling condensation in the cold winter air. Masked For Work’s soft inner layer feels good against the skin and additionally features antibacterial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Safest masks have a fitted shape

Kirmac Collision custom logo fitted face mask

Cheaper bulk masks are often made in a flat, one-size-fits-all design that loses its shape over time, becoming challenging to adjust for a proper fit. A fitted mask design forms a secure fit around the face and doesn’t leave gaps for virus particles to sneak in or escape. 

Fitted masks also sit more comfortably on the face and are easier to put on and take off with less adjustment. Masked For Work is proud to provide 3 sizes of fitted masks to provide a proper fit for different face shapes among kids, teens, and adults.

Best masks for glasses have a flexible metal nose strip

Some fabric masks do not have a wire inside the nose bridge area, which potentially allows contaminants to enter or exit from the top of the mask, can allow the mask to slip down below the nose, as well as fog up glasses to impair vision. Other fabric masks may contain wires that are hard to bend or break easily.

Masked For Work’s design features a flat metal nose strip that bends easily but is thick enough to withstand many washes and uses. The flat shape adheres to the face easier and is more comfortable on the bridge of your nose while wearing glasses.

Comfortable masks have elastic ear loops

You may have experienced masks that have fabric straps that tug on the back of your ears, or elastic straps that are wider than the space behind your ears. Masked For Work features thinner but durable elastic ear loops that comfortably fit around all ear sizes and are more comfortable to wear with glasses.

Effective masks have adjustable ear straps

Adjustable straps on custom branded face mask in Canada and USA

Adjustable slide toggles on ear straps ensure that your mask fits properly and doesn’t slip off your face when moving around. This convenient feature helps your mask to fit soon after purchase, without requiring additional modifications if the straps are too long or short. The toggles can additionally be positioned so that they don’t put pressure on the back of your ears.

Efficient masks are machine washable

Machine washable reusable branded mask for Canada and USA

Some brands strictly require their masks to be hand washed, while others contain multiple parts that need to be constantly taken apart and put together. Masked For Work doesn’t require assembly and is machine washable for convenience as the fabric retains its shape with many washes. We know that life is busy, even for those working from home!

Lightweight masks with a PM 2.5 filter pocket

Inserting a PM 2.5 filter into a custom logo reusable face mask for Canada and USA

If you are considering double-masking, adding a PM 2.5 filter to your mask can provide similar filtration capability with just one mask to take care of. Masked For Work offers a built-in pocket to hold a PM 2.5 filter to provide more layers of protection in a compact package.

The best reusable face masks

Although they have become more available since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, disposable surgical masks are mostly recommended for those who come in contact with COVID-19, such as healthcare workers or people who have tested positive for the virus. 

The World Health Organization says “non-medical, fabric masks can be used by the general public under the age of 60 and who do not have underlying health conditions”. Reusable masks not only reduce the waste and environmental impact generated by disposable masks, but also save you or your organization money from constant purchases. 

Some reusable masks have been found to fall apart after just a handful of washes or uses and prompted a product recall in schools, which not only puts a large group of people at risk but is also financially inefficient. Masked For Work is proud to provide high-quality, reliable and long-lasting masks that your organization can feel confident in purchasing.

Practical masks can made with recycled material

Eco-friendly recycled material reusable custom masks in USA and Canada

Most masks are made entirely with new materials, which consumes more resources during production. Our masks feature the certified recycled polyester Recycleve™ on the outer layer. Not only is Recycleve™ vibrant in color and water-resistant, it is made with recycled plastic from bottles, giving plastic a second use and helping to keep it out of landfills and oceans.

Face masks can be custom branded with a logo

The Answer Company promotional branded reusable 3 layer mask

Most reusable mask sellers do not offer the option to customize their products with a logo or phrase. The ones that do will often sell masks with fewer than 3 layers or use printing processes that don’t create sharp images or fade soon with several uses. Masked For Work features durable custom branding to represent your organization in style. Logos are applied with heat transfer, which doesn’t wash off easily or impact the protectiveness of the outside material.

Effective masks come in multiple colors

Reusable branded 3 layer masks in six colours for Canada and USA

If you’ve always wanted to stand out of the sea of bright blue disposable masks, then Masked For Work is right for you! Our masks come in 6 solid colors that stay vibrant with multiple washes: black, navy blue, light grey, dark grey, red, and green. See which color is right for you!

Safest masks don’t contain graphene

Recently, some disposable masks have been found to contain the toxic materials graphene or biomass graphene, which could potentially cause health problems when inhaled. Our masks do not contain graphene or other toxic materials.

Effective mask sellers don’t mislead customers

Some mask vendors sell a range of masks in differing quality or number of layers. Others may offer neck gaiters or masks with exhalation valves, which are easy to breathe with but not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Although these offerings appear to provide choice in style and price, it can be confusing to pick a mask that actually keeps you safe. 

Masked For Work upholds responsibility in keeping communities safe by only offering one high-quality style of reusable mask that is designed according to the World Health Organization’s guidelines.

Best face masks aren’t made with unethical labor

Several mask factories have been found to produce their products under unsafe conditions with low pay or using slave labor. Aside from being unethical, this practice can result in the production of low quality products, resulting in a health risk. Our production facility is ISO 9001 certified and all our employees are paid a living wage.

Effective masks have a fair price point

Other companies can charge over $40 for a single mask, while our masks come at a more affordable price yet offer just as many safety and comfort features. This allows our masks to be bought in bulk to keep organizations, friends and families protected, as well as allow you to have a couple more on hand as backup.

What is the Best Reusable Face Mask to Buy for COVID-19?

Masked For Work breathable reusable 3 layer masks for USA and Canada

Masked For Work’s breathable, reusable and customizable 3-layer masks satisfy all of the features listed above to provide protective yet comfortable non-medical masks that fulfill additional environmental and ethical commitments.


With the vast choice of mask styles and brands available on the online market, it’s more important now than ever to be able to choose a mask that is effectively designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although they have become a fashion statement, we must continue to prioritize health and safety to choose the right reusable masks. Ensure that your mask satisfies the World Health Organization’s requirements by having at least 3 breathable layers with a water-resistant outer layer and absorbent inner layer.