Why are people embracing fashionable face masks?

Melissa Chungfat
Matching fashionable face mask
Fashionable face masks are everywhere and won’t be going away anytime soon. Image by Kevin Hall via LA Times.

What do Miley Cirus, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Emma Roberts have in common?

They are among the growing list of celebrities and social influencers promoting the #MaskingForAFriend campaign to encourage people to wear face masks.

Long before COVID-19, wearing face masks was the norm in many Asian countries. But when coronavirus started affecting North America, many people felt self-conscious about wearing face coverings at first even when it has been shown that masks help slow the spread of coronavirus. Non-medical masks can protect other people from those who have the virus or are asymptomatic (have coronavirus but not showing symptoms).

But now masks not just becoming the norm, but a part of personal fashion too.

Advantages of fashionable custom face masks

Stylist custom face mask
Custom face masks create a less intimidating appearance in public. Image via Jetset Christina.

Many people may think that focusing on the appearance of face masks is irrelevant and superficial. Another perspective is that “Fashion is just a translation of what is happening around us,” as designer Marine Serre says.

Of course the ability to provide enough protection is the most important purpose of a non-medical mask. But stylish masks can play a key role in encouraging people to wear them for several reasons.

Fashionable masks can create a more pleasant environment in public

Colorful non-medical masks
The choices for stylish face masks are limitless. Image via Etsy.

Before COVID-19, the only people we would see wearing masks were health care workers, dentists, and thieves. It’s no surprise that the sudden change in seeing many people wear masks everywhere has caused a lot of anxiety among the public.

But as more people wear masks that show more colours, personality, and style, this can create a more calming environment as people go about their day.

Can you be scared when you see funny face masks

Why add more fear when you can make people laugh instead?

In addition to stylish masks, people are choosing humorous ones too. Can you really be afraid when they see people wearing masks like these?

Funny face masks
Funny face masks to lighten the mood. Image via Etsy.

Branded custom face masks can create a more approachable look for businesses

As people go to stores, it can be awkward and intimidating for some to see staff in generic or clinical-looking masks. Customers may feel less connection when they can’t see the face of the person who’s helping them.

Why do many workplaces have dress codes or professional uniforms for customer-facing staff? To create a consistent and approachable appearance. Face coverings are now a part of that dress code at many workplaces and having staff wear branded masks can create a more inviting atmosphere for customers.

Face masks that express personal style

Stylish face mask
Now you can find many matching fashionable face masks with outfits. Image via LA Times.

Many people love expressing themselves by what they wear and masks are just another avenue to showcase their style. There are endless choices for people to choose the kind of colour or design they want on their face covering to match their clothes and accessories.

A fabric store owner in Texas has seen his sales increase because mask makers have been buying all sorts of material. The owner has been surprised by their purchases including animal print, glittery, and metallics. He said they are buying fabric to match their blouse because they feel like they gotta look cool! “This is not going to end, I see it as a trend for the next year, or maybe two years.

Face masks can reflect culture

Face coverings can reflect culture
Africa’s dynamic and high spirited culture is reflected in their clothing and now stylish face masks. Image by Tracy Core via The Christian Science Monitor.

African clothing is famous for their vibrant designs and colors that celebrate tradition, express their values, and reflect the culture’s style. Colors have different meanings depending on the region but some colors are more popular across the continent.

For example blue is a harmonious colour that represents peace and love while white represents spirituality and purity. It’s no surprise that the face masks in Africa are covered in dynamic colours that fit well with their cultural style.

Are you ready to showcase your organization’s style?

Custom face masks
TransLink will be launching branded face masks for passengers in British Columbia. Photo via Daily Hive.

A growing number of organizations are beginning to sport their logos on masks. Here are just a few organizations in Canada and the US that are showcasing branded masks:

  • Transportation provider TransLink in British Columbia will be rolling out face masks for customers
  • Local news reporters at an ABC affiliate in Boston and a CBS affiliate in Providence wear masks showing the logo of their network
  • A Domino’s Pizza franchise in the US provided branded custom face masks to match their uniforms
  • Supermarket Publix in the US has been selling branded masks in its company store

Some organizations have also been selling branded face masks to raise money for great causes:

Branded face masks are becoming more popular
A variety of companies and organizations are selling branded face masks to raise money for charity. Image via ESPN.
  • Professional soccer club Atlético Club Ottawa sells branded face masks to help the Ottawa Food Bank.
  • National Hockey League is selling licenced cloth face coverings on their website and the proceeds will go to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada COVID-19 Response Fund.
  • NBA and WNBA were selling branded face masks featuring logos for all 32 franchises.

If your organization wants custom face masks, we can provide them for you! Check out our selection.


Because face masks are becoming the norm around Canada and the US, more people want to have stylish masks to sport in public. While the most important aspect of face coverings are their effectiveness in protecting against harmful particles, fashionable masks can help create a less intimidating atmosphere and make people feel more comfortable wearing them.

As organizations resume their operations, they can bring people back to the workplace safely while showcasing their brand with custom face masks. Companies, governments, and sporting organizations have begun showing their logos on masks to create a consistent look among their staff.