Vancouver-based company supplies thousands of reusable non-medical masks exclusively for organizations

Melissa Chungfat

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July 15, 2020

Vancouver, B.C.—As more businesses, non-profits, and government services reopen, many of them are struggling to secure enough non-medical masks for their staff because of limited supply or overpriced equipment. Masked For Work was established to provide organizations with hundreds or thousands of quality, affordable, and reusable masks to help their staff transition back to work safely.

Founder Stephanie Sang set up the company out of her own need to provide quality protective equipment for her own staff as they came back to the office. “We’ve had a lot of interest from organizations in Canada and the US who are having a hard time getting enough masks for their employees. We wanted to offer eco-friendly and high-tech textile masks at affordable prices,” said Stephanie.

Mask features

  • 3-layered mask that complies with the standards set by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization
  • Water-resistant outer layer that is made with RecycleveTM (100% recycled polyester fabric)
  • Produced in an award-winning facility in Taiwan
  • Inner antibacterial layer
  • Breathable material for comfortable all-day wear
  • Made of quality, high-tech functional, and lab-tested materials
  • Customizable with a logo
  • Adjustable ear loops, nose bridge, and pocket to add a custom PM2.5 filter

Secure mask supply

The reusable masks were designed in Canada and produced in Taiwan by an award-winning manufacturer that specializes in making high-tech and eco-friendly textile products. Masked For Work can supply up to thousands of masks for organizations because Stephanie has direct ownership of the manufacturing facility. The company guarantees consistent high quality because they manage the entire production process from beginning to end.

Branded face masks

A growing number of organizations are providing their employees with branded face masks to create a consistent appearance at the workplace. As more consumers embrace fashionable face masks, Masked For Work can add logos for employers that want to showcase their brand.

About Masked For Work

Masked For Work was established in 2020 and founder Stephanie Sang set up the company out of her own need to provide her own staff with high-quality, branded face masks. The team is made up of designers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing organizations with affordable, high-tech, and reusable face masks.

Masked For Work can supply employers with hundreds or thousands of masks thanks to their long-standing connection with an award-winning manufacturer in Taiwan. The team oversees the entire production process from concept to delivery to ensure consistent quality is achieved.

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