Vancouver-based Mask Company Gives People up to $300 per Referral Through Mask It Forward Program

Priti Gill

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November 4, 2020

Vancouver, B.C.— Masked For Work’s goal is to provide as many non-profits, businesses, and government departments with high-quality and eco-friendly masks for their staff and customers. MFW has provided masks for Daily Hive, Kirmac Collision, and Latero Labs among other organizations. They’ve also received several referrals from clients so far, some of which resulted in new business. 

With this in mind, Masked For Work would like to reward their clients who refer them to other organizations in need of masks. If a referred lead places an order with Masked For Work for 100 or more masks, they will receive monetary compensation. 

How To Place a Referral

1) Connect a contact by email to 
2) Masked For Work will follow up with said contact
3) If the potential lead orders 100 or more masks, the referrer receives $1 per mask ($100 to $300 by e-transfer). 

Donate your cash reward to any non-profit of your choice

Masked For Work values community contribution and understands that many clients support a variety of meaningful causes. For this reason, any clients that introduce Masked For Work to a lead that orders 100 masks or more can choose to have their cash reward sent to any non-profit of their choice. 

To do this, the referrer simply has to send the website of the non-profit to info@maskedforwork, and Masked For Work will make the donation on the referrer’s behalf.

How much A Referrer Can Earn

There's no limit to how much a referrer can earn for connected Masked For Work with organizations that order 100 or more masks! Referrers receive $1 per mask for up to $300 per referral.

Number of referrals

Number of masks the organizations order

Amount referrer receives

1 organization

100 masks


2 organizations

Each organization orders 250 masks


3 organizations

Each organization orders 400 masks

(up to $300 per organization)


10 organizations

Each organization orders 500+ masks 

(up to $300 per organization)


Masked For Work Will Support Referrers

For any interested persons requiring mask information sheets or mask samples for their contacts, please connect with Melissa at or call 1-866-664-9675 ext. 1. 

Please understand that people who are referring organizations are not acting as representatives or contractors of Masked For Work. They are simply connecting Masked For Work with people they know in their network.

Media Contact

Melissa Chungfat
Content Manager