Groundswell Cloud Solutions care package for employees during COVID

COVID-19 has put a hold on traditional office life, requiring many employees to instead work from home to minimize the spread of the virus. Some may have had to adapt to working with online communication tools, which can further feel like a loss of connection from before. Without the ability to see colleagues on a regular basis or hold office parties, many employees are likely feeling stressed out or lonely, which in turn can lead to burnout and impact overall productivity. A great way to help bridge the physical gap of working from home due to COVID-19 is to send a care package to your employees. A care package consists of a few fun and useful items that staff will appreciate receiving as gifts.

Benefits of COVID care packages for employees

Care Packs


1. Personal gesture

Employee care packages are a personal gesture that lets employees know that you are thinking of them, and that you appreciate their individual contributions to keep your company running while working remotely. Letting your employees know they are getting care packages can boost company morale and give them something positive to look forward to in an uncertain time.

2. Showcase your organization’s logo

Branded reusable masks with your organization’s logo make a great inclusion in your employee care package as they help your staff work safely if they decide to return to the office. Reusable masks help keep your employees and their communities protected when they go outside, ensuring that your staff stay safe in all aspects of life beyond work. In addition, custom branded masks are a great way to promote your company brand in public, as well as help reduce costs and waste generated by using disposable masks.

3. Great way to greet new staff

Employee welcome packages are a great way to greet new staff hired during COVID-19. These packages often include a selection of useful custom branded merchandise to help make new staff feel a part of the company, as well as to get excited about working for you.

Groundswell Cloud Solutions’ care package for remote employees

Groundswell Cloud Solutions custom branded logo reusable face mask

Vancouver tech company Groundswell Cloud Solutions made onboarding kits for all of their new employees working at the office and from home. Their kit included a custom logo mask. Although many organizations choose not to provide their staff with a mask if they are working remotely, Groundswell Cloud Solutions wanted to include masks when providing care packages for all employees during COVID. Kathryn Hall, Groundswell Cloud Solutions’ Marketing Assistant, said, "You still need to know your company supports your health outside of the office. We also wanted to give people who miss in-person collaboration a safe way to enter and be in the office among colleagues.”

Ideas to include in a COVID care package for employees

  • Reusable face masks to help them keep others safe. Masked For Work comes in a variety of sizes and colours and can be custom branded with your organization’s logo.
  • Mask protectors to safely store their mask when it is not being used.
  • PM 2.5 filters to add an additional 5 layers of protection in compatible reusable masks. Our masks are compatible with PM 2.5 filters and come with a built-in filter pocket.
  • Hand sanitizers to practice good hygiene. WeCare offers a pocket-sized hand sanitizer made in Canada.
If possible, consider including a handwritten or signed card addressed to your employees to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Receiving a physical card will mean a lot, even in an age of instant digital communication.