Don't have the budget to buy masks upfront to sell for your school face mask fundraiser?

No problem! You can simply partner with us and earn 15% on sales throughout the year. 

There is ZERO upfront cost to you and we pay your school for endorsing our store if people want to buy high-quality, breathable, and long-lasting masks. As a partner, you will get a custom link to your store so your earnings can be tracked.

How you can earn 15% passively for your school

If you want to try a free sample of our mask before endorsing them, email with your name, school, phone number, and mailing address OR call us toll-free at 1-866-664-9675. 

1. Sign up here to create a free account and get a custom URL to our store.

2. Promote your custom link on your website, newsletters to parents, social media accounts, and other communication channels.

3. Earn 15% of sales throughout the year!


We pay your school for every $100 or more than has been earned. If you have regular sales above $100, then we pay out monthly. 

Partner schools in the US will be paid through PayPal and Canadian partner schools can be paid by e-transfer or PayPal.

Your dashboard tracks earnings

When you create an account, you can sign in to your dashboard to track sales and earnings. The dashboard will look something like this:

Custom mask school fundraiser dashboard