Is COVID making it challenging for your Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to run fundraisers that you used to do like bake sales and any in-person events? 

You can diversify your revenue by running school mask fundraisers so that your school can get the essential funds they need to buy important supplies or run activities for students. 

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Profit from face mask fundraisers for schools

You can sell masks and mask kits with your school’s logo to raise money while helping protect families and your community. The reality is that high-quality and breathable masks are essential to keeping students, teachers, and staff safe for a long time. 

Here is an example of how much profit you could make by selling masks at $15 a piece. You can make more by charging $20 or more per masks!

Your profit from masks

Mask quantity Cost per mask Sell price per mask Your profit
250 $12 $15 $750
500 $11
1,000 $10
5,000  $9

Fundraising mask kit ideas

These are just suggested ideas and packages your school can put together. We have partners to connect you with if you want hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays to include in your packages. 

BubbleYou (2-pack)

Custom mask fundraiser (2 masks, 2 hand sanitizers, and a mask protector)

  • 2 masks
  • 2 small gel hand sanitizers
  • 2 mask protectors
  •  BubbleUs (4-pack)

    Custom face mask fundraiser

    • 4 masks
    • 2 small hand spray sanitizers
    • 1 large hand spray sanitizer
    • 4 mask protectors
    BubbleFamily (8-pack)

     Masks fundraiser for schools

  • 8 masks 
  • 4 small gel hand sanitizers
  • 4 masks protectors
  • 1 large gel hand sanitizer
  • BubbleStudents (5-pack)

    Fundraising masks Canada

    • 5 masks for kids or teens 
    • 2 small hand spray sanitizers
    • 2 mask protectors
    • 1 large hand spray sanitizer



    Face mask fundraiser colours

    Provide breathable and water-resistant masks 

    People love our 3-layered masks because they are:

    • Breathable for all-day wear. 
    • Water-resistant to help prevent against contaminants from sticking on the masks. 
    • Antibacterial: Integrates nano zinc technology which is sewn into the fabric. Nano zinc effectively kills harmful bacteria and viruses. 
    • Compliant with the World Health Organization's mask standards 

    Minimum mask orders

    • Plain masks: 50
    • Masks with a pre-printed Masked For School logo: 100
    • Masks with a custom logo: 250

    Delivery times

    • Masks without logos: 3 to 5 business days
    • Masks with pre-printed Masked For Work logos: 3 to 5 business days
    • Masks with custom logos: 15 business days after final approval of the custom mask design and payment

    Contact us to order

    Contact us at or call 1-866-664-9675 if you have any questions and to order. Please send us: 

    • Your contact information
    • School name
    • Number and type of masks you want
    • Mask sizes and colours

    Happy fundraising!