Our founder Stephanie Sang established Masked For Work out of her own need to provide her own staff with breathable, protective, and branded face masks.

Our goal is to provide as many non-profits, businesses, and government departments with high-quality and eco-friendly masks for their staff and customers. We've provided masks for Daily Hive, Kirmac Collision, and Latero Labs among other organizations. 

Earn up to $300 per referral!


We're so grateful to everyone who has connected us to organizations that needed reusable masks for their teams. That's why we created our Mask It Forward referral program!

If you know someone who works for an organization needing plain or branded masks and they end up ordering 100 or more masks, you will get $100 to $300 per referral in cash!

All you have to do is:

1) Connect us with your contact by email to info@maskedforwork.com 

2) We will follow up with your contact

3) If the organization orders 100 or more masks, you get $1 per mask ($100 to $300 by e-transfer). 

That's it!

Donate your cash reward to any non-profit of your choice

We value community contribution and we know many of you support a variety of meaningful causes.

So if you introduce us to a lead that orders 100 masks or more, we will donate your cash reward to any non-profit of your choice! Just send us the website of the non-profit and we'll make the donation on your behalf. 

How much you can earn

There's no limit to how much you can earn for simply connecting us with organizations that order 100 or more masks! You get $1 per mask for up to $300 per referral.

Number of referrals  Number of masks the organizations order Amount you get
1 organization 100 masks $100
2 organizations

Each organization orders 250 masks

3 organizations

 Each organization orders 400 masks

(up to $300 per organization)
10 organizations

 Each organization orders 500+ masks 

(up to $300 per organization)


We'll support you

If you need information sheets about our masks or mask samples for your contacts, please connect with Melissa at melissa@maskedforwork.com or call 1-866-664-9675 ext. 1. 

Please understand that people who are referring organizations are not acting as representatives or contractors of Masked For Work. They are simply connecting us with people they know in their network.

Thanks for masking it forward!