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Masks for students and teachers

Many schools in the US and Canada will be required or encouraged to wear masks to help keep students, teachers, and parents safe and reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Our masks were designed in Canada with breathability in mind and made with lab-tested high-tech material. They are comfortable for all-day wear so students and staff can focus on their work. 

Masks for delivery drivers

Our reusable masks

  • Meet the mask standards set by the World Health Organization
  • 3 layers of high-tech material
  • Antibacterial inner layer
  • Water-resistant outer layer made with RecycleveTM, 100% certified recycled polyester
  • Adjustable ear loops and a nose bridge
  • Specially designed for breathability
World Health Organization mask standards


    Custom face masks with your school's logo

    Students, teachers, staff, and parents can sport your school's logo as they go around in public. 

    Navy face mask




    Young students
    14 cm tall x 22 cm wide 5.5" tall x 8.7" wide


    15 cm tall x 23.5 cm wide 5.9" tall x 9.3" wide




    17 cm tall x 25 cm wide 6.7" tall x 9.8" wide

    Note: Our S, M, and L masks may be 0.7 cm (0.3") taller and/or wider in the order because the tolerance is +0.7 cm (+0.3").

    Masks for delivery drivers




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