Masked For Work was created in response to a need many organizations are facing as they resume their operations during the COVID recovery phase. How do we bring staff back into the workplace safely?

We are a team of designers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about providing organizations with high-quality, affordable, and reusable face masks for work.

High quality masks guaranteed

Stephanie Sang, Masked For Work’s CEO, has direct ownership of manufacturing facilities in Taiwan so you can be assured that the product quality and delivery lead times are tightly controlled. We have direct access to the full production process to ensure that every step from design to delivery is consistent.

Our facilities in Taiwan have high-technology testing capabilities so you know that each batch that comes off our production line goes through rigorous quality assurance.

Secure supply of face masks for workers

During this global fight against coronavirus, many organizations are struggling to get face masks for their employees because of limited supply or overpriced products. Get peace of mind knowing that we can serve as a reliable mask supplier and deliver thousands of masks to companies, governments, and non-profits in Canada and the US.

Award-winning materials

ISPO is the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportswear. Our manufacturing facility has won these ISPO awards for producing exceptional products: Top 10 (2020/2021), Best Product (2020), and Selection (2020). We develop our own materials and have testing equipment to ensure quality.

Reducing environmental impact

All of our mask models are reusable and we have four styles that are made with Recycleve fabric, which is recycled material. Our manufacturing process values the no waste concept and uses advanced technology to produce eco-friendly material.

Ethical sourcing

Our team work in excellent conditions and our facilities are ISO 9001 certified which covers employee rights and product quality.