Stephanie Sang is Masked For Work

Branded face mask 

The Masked Founder

Growing up with a family of business owners in Vancouver, it was no surprise that Stephanie became a serial entrepreneur. She has applied her wealth of experience in international marketing, tourism, technology to establish successful businesses, including Granted Consulting which helps companies access government grants. After living in Taiwan for 10 years and working as a VP with an award-winning international manufacturer, she returned to Vancouver in 2010.

Masked For Work was inspired out of her own need to find high-quality masks and safety equipment for her team as they transitioned back to the office. With growing interest from organizations in Canada and the US, she is dedicated to providing more companies, governments, and non-profits with essential high-quality masks.

Fun facts
  • Learned Mandarin at the age of 22 and now fluent
  • Never expected to be an entrepreneur and now owns 2 businesses
  • Mom of two boys who inspire her every day to play

    Priti Gill is Masked For Work

    Branded face mask

    Sales & Marketing Coordinator

    Priti is a Communications graduate from Simon Fraser University who knew she wanted to work in the digital marketing and communications industry since her first experience with a marketing role. She has worked with several companies during her co-op terms and several other retail positions throughout her undergrad. Priti has always wanted to work for a company where she can use her marketing and communications skills to make a difference, and that’s why she was keen to join Masked for Work. In her spare time, Priti enjoys watching sci-fi shows, planning dance sequences in her head, and working on her fitness.

    Fun Facts:
    • Diehard Harry Potter fan
    • Only been to Starbucks five times in her life
    • Enjoys adrenaline rushes and would love to go skydiving as well as motorsport drifting one day

    Melissa Chungfat is Masked For Work

    Melissa Chungfat

    Content Manager

    Melissa has over 12 years of diverse communication and marketing experience working with companies, non-profit organizations, and government programs. Because she is passionate about projects with positive social and environmental impact, she was stoked to join the awesome Masked For Work team. As an adventurous traveller and educator, she spent 5 years volunteering and working in Cambodia where she taught Cambodian students life skills and provided travelers with unforgettable experiences in the country.

    Fun facts
    • She was born in the third smallest country in Africa called Mauritius
    • She has globe-hopped to over 25 countries
    • If she had to choose one food to live for the rest of her life, it would be kadai paneer curry