A growing number of companies are providing restaurant logo face masks to showcase their brand while keeping staff safe or getting high-quality reusable masks that look professional. Rather than having staff wear disposable masks or their own masks with different colors, create a consistent look at your restaurant. 

In addition to providing proper protection, our masks are very breathable for all day wear for servers and cooks and meet requirements recommended by the World Health Organization. The masks are made with innovative high-tech material in an award-winning facility and the outer layer is made with Recycleve™ 100% certified recycled polyester (think plastic bottles turned to waste!)

Our masks are used by Social Crust Cafe and Darby’s Pub! Check out our blog post on Darby’s Pub here.

Best face mask for chefs

Our reusable face masks are an excellent choice for chefs to protect themselves and their fellow cooks while working close together in the restaurant kitchen. One disadvantage of disposable masks is they don’t necessarily secure tightly around the face, which can cause someone to be exposed to contaminants. Our masks have adjustable ear loops for a more secure and custom fit around the face.

The absorbent, antibacterial inner layer helps absorb sweat to keep your face dry and comfortable when moving around a lot or working in hot conditions. The material is soft against the skin and reduces the need to change masks as frequently as disposable masks when you sweat. 

Most breathable face mask

Our high-tech masks are designed with breathability, safety and comfort in mind and meet the standards of the World Health Organization, Health Canada, and Centers for Disease Control. Our 3-layer mask is lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and can be easily adjusted for a proper fit so that restaurant staff can continue working hard to deliver meals during busy times.

The face masks come in several sizes and colours to create a consistent look across all of your restaurant staff, and we offer custom logo printing to represent your brand. Masked For Work’s quality products will save your restaurant money in the long run by reducing or eliminating the need for disposable masks.

Masks for kitchen workers

Our breathable masks have a water-resistant outer layer that prevents droplets from sticking to the mask. It also keeps the mask dry so that kitchen workers can stay safe, even if they work with seafood or in wet weather conditions. 

Our fitted masks provide all-around coverage that stays on your face and can be worn all day without needing to be changed. After work, the masks are easily washed by machine or hand.

Masks for servers

While restaurants have been installing plexiglass barriers to protect their workers, servers still need to come into close contact with the public to take orders and deliver food. 

Our comfortable 3-layer masks offer great protection while being very breathable so you can focus on providing excellent customer service. The absorbent, antibacterial inner layer helps to keep your face dry as you talk and move around quickly.

Where to buy face masks for restaurant workers

Masks for restaurant workers